About Us

PT. Alumex Perkasajaya is a company engaged in Aluminum Extrusion with more than 50 years of experience

Our company has been integrated with the latest technology and the latest machines to carry out various processes in Aluminum Extrusion ranging from Melting, Molding, Anodizing to Powder Coating. Production of PT. Alumex Perkasajaya can be used as a base material in making various equipment to meet household and industrial needs.

Established officially in 1993, PT. Alumex Perkasajaya is known as one of the Indonesian Aluminum Extrusi companies that has credibility so that our aluminum products are spread domestically to foreign countries



We purchase our raw materials (ingots and or billets) from renown first-grade manufacturer companies/smelter

PT Alumex Perkasajaya get the raw material from PT INALUM PERSERO, so we can produce high-quality of Aluminum.



Our Aluminum can be made in various shapes and sizes

PT Alumex Perkasajaya has hundreds of dies in our facilities to meet complex market requirements. We are also able to customize it according to any requests from our customers.



Alumex Perkasajaya is equipped with the latest technology of extrusion machine.

Our extrusion machine is using the latest technology, ranging from 800 – 1600 M.ton to meet market needs more efficiently.



Powder Coating

Powder coating PT. Alumex Perkasajaya creates attractive color accents for various purposes such as the interior and exterior of the building. The choice of colors can be adjusted to the customer's wishes.